Wildflour Cafe: CRONUT Craze in the Philippines!

by - July 19, 2013

After those failed attempts, CRONUTS! Finally! I am part of the bandwagon! Have you heard about this craze already? Cronuts is originally came from New York. It is made with pastry dough, In between like "croissant" and "donut" then stuffed with cream, some sugar on the outside, then chocolate/vanilla/strawberry etc icing on top, BANG!
 After our shift, we decided to drop by at Wildflour for some Cronuts, and Bomboloni. 
Little do I know that, they are selling them as per their schedule.
 BEHOLD! Really such a good welcome entering their store! 
Lots of breads and pastries to choose from. 
Here's some things to remember: Cronuts will be served every hour starting 11:00 oclock am 
while the Bomboloni will be available after lunch.  We settled for their Cronuts.  :(

Ohh! And yes, aside from pastries, they also serve wide array of food choices. Straight forward menu right? :)

ARGHH! You will be the next one! :D 
Chocolate for me, and Vanilla for my great apprentice boyfie. I also found out that to avoid hoarding (hoarding talaga? hahah) 4 pcs per person only. I was on the 4th line for Cronuts. (yeah, they have their own line).
 How is it? It's good. Really flaky member of the crossed breed family of Donut and Crossaint. 
Not too sweet cream inbetween which I appreciate.
However, this rating supposed to be 3 only, since I find it really oily on every bite. But since I love the dark chocolate on top, i'll give this a 4 out of 5 :)

You can check their site @

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