TRY EAT: Dark Mocha Chocolate Pudding

by - July 17, 2013

DARK MOCHA CHOCOLATE PUDDING! Even though it's raining hard outside. Since i've been eyeing this drink since Starbucks made a 5 day countdown on their site.Good thing it's not on my prohibited list from the doctor.

Taste wise, it's really the usual Dark Mocha drink that made lighter. It's not really bitter like the original, seems like a Dark Mocha with a hint of Chocolate Chip Creme flavor. I also asked them to put chocolate drizzle and do it as twice blended. The pudding is actually pretty good! It's not the usual pudding out there. You can really taste the white chocolate flavor on it. Though my only concern is that, they uses the same straw and I'm having a hard time sipping the pudding. I think Coffee Jelly's straw would be better. TRY EAT! :)

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