Movie Review: Safe Haven

by - July 13, 2013

Safe Haven is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks that was turned into a movie directed by Gavin Wiesen. I was forced (again) by boyfie to watch this movie. I really don't want to watch the movie at first. It seems that the trailer of the movie doesn't kick me at all. But with boyfie's persistent, I did. :D

The story is about the lady name Katie, who left her hometown and wander around to find a permanent place to stay and to forget the mysterious past that always haunts her. Until the moment when he met Alex that entered into the scene. But what is the real reason why Katie left her hometown? What's with her past that always scares her? Will Alex can finally help her to forget the past and start a new one?

What I like with the movie is how they blended the scene altogether from he start up to the end part. You'll be surprised those little detail that they included in the movie that will make you wow!

You can watch their trailer @ 

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