Movie Review: I Am Sam

by - July 12, 2013

Let me share you one of my favorite movie of all time, I Am Sam. This movie is way back in 2001. I remember when I first watched this movie together with my dad during my elementary days. I will never ever forget this movie since it's the first time I saw my Dad crying because of a movie! 

This movie is about a father Sam (Sean Penn) who is mentally retarded that has a daughter name Lucy (Dakota Fanning). The conflict began when the authorities are fighting for Lucy's custody. Since their concern is for the future of the girl especially when she turns 7 years old. (Because Sam has the capacity of below 7 years old child ). But the question is, does mental capacity does really matter when raising a child? Can't it be just Father's Love can prevail? Is Lucy willing to let go of his father? 
So many questions I have on my mind, then later I find myself crying on the entire movie. So recently, I asked my Mom, together with my Dad (again) to watch the movie. Since it's been around yearssss since He last watched the movie. While watching the movie, I saw my Dad, and Mom silently crying while watching. Well, I can't blame them. It's a parent's love to a child. And yes, I'm secretly crying behind them! HA! I know it's kinda way back movie, but it's worth a watch. Swear Bear! :)

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