Mia's Italian Water Ice

by - July 22, 2013

Accidentally, me and boyfie suddenly noticed this new kiosk in SM Taytay. We know that it's not the usual kiosk that's been standing there for years. Kinda got curios since "Italian Water Ice"? first time to see this offering in malls. First started in Shawarma, Siomai, Empanada, Mangga and Bagoong, Binatog, then now Water Ice? Cool! 
  See that? That's really cheap! :)

 They have pretty cool flavors. One of a kind!
 (which I forgot. sorry!)
Kuya getting our orders
 Boyfie got the Buko Flavor. Right amout of sweetness but need a little kick of the buko flavor. The consistency of the "water ice" is really smooth. Smooth like a soft ice, but waaay finer, and smoother!
While I got their Honey Dew flavor. This one is pretty nice! Really refreshing and has the authentic honey dew flavor! What's so cool about this is that, it doesn't melt fast. It's been sitting for around 10 minutes on our hands and it's not even melting! Such a cheap but refreshing snack! :)

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