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by - July 04, 2013

And I'm back guys! Sorry for not posting anything new. We had a wonderful Cebu-Bohol trip with boyfie for our 
8th Anniversary celebration! And I have lot's of catching up things to do :)

Are you familiar with those pretty looking tshirts everytime you're going in different tourist spots? 
That popular tshirt stand has the same owners with Island Stay Hotels
*photo credits to island souvenirs

 I'm caught in between of choosing a fab hotel in Cebu or will settle for a cheap but decent looking hotel. And thanks to my friend Pat for making me realize that I should not settle for a pricey one since we're gonna stroll along Cebu all day long. So it will not be sulit. Good one right? :)
 They have two branch in Cebu. One in Mactan, while the other one is in Uptown. Their room type is based on T-Shirt sizes. Small (for one person), Medium (for 2 persons), Large (good for small groups) then XL (for bigger groups). Cutie right? 
 Yes, one of the nicest part, they have free FAST wifi! :)  Since it's just me and boyfie, we had their Medium room. 
Take Note: We had a reservation a month before, that's why we had some discouts! YEAH!
Here is our cool looking room. I know, I wasn't able to take a good shot on the entire room! :(
 Here's their cute but tidy comfort room
 They also have this thing on their door if you want them to clean the room for you. :)
What I also love is their service. They are very kind and attentive. We had some troubles in our room then in just one call,  viola! They were jolly as well in taking this picture for us. :D

So let's make some justice on their room! Ha! Here's the full view of their rooms from their website :)

I recommend to you Island Stay Hotel, especially if you'll stroll around Cebu whole day and all you need is a bright cozy place to sleep your restless body. Island Stay is for you! :)

You can check their website @

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  1. Oh Em Gee kapatid..namention mu pala ko dito hahaha *pabebe wave*
    I'm reading all your cebu posts :) I'm gonna go to cebu on November hihi
    I Miss You! :*


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