Grilled Foods Galore @ Mesa Filipino Moderne

by - July 10, 2013

Casa Verde is one of our must try places in Cebu. But, we found out that we are on the 21st waiting list. 
So we don't have choice but to stroll around and look for some place to eat. We ended in Mesa since the place is not packed especially we need to go at Edge Coaster after.
We're quite not sure what to order. But with the help of their staff, We ordered their Inihaw Sampler 
(750+ without rice, Good for 2-3 persons). 
 Garlic Rice
 Inihaw na Liempo, Tuna, Tahong, Shrimps, Squid, Barbeque, Grilled Chicken! This is one badass meal! I really love the barbecue sauce they have! That's the perfect BBQ sauce we're looking for! The meat, especially the seafoods were really fresh! 
 The serving size were really huge! We had a hard time consuming it, but since it's really good, yes, we managed to do it! :o
There's now a reason for us to come at Mesa! New favorite!

You can check their website @

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