First Vietnamese piggin' @ Pho Hoa!

by - July 22, 2013

Pho Hoa is been here for years, and yet it's our first time to try! I got curious with their offerings for some reasons!
 Unlike other branches, the one in Robinsons Galleria is not that comfy and homey. Since you're in a middle of an internet shop and some small stores beside. So yeah, kinda awkward when people staring at you while eating your food. Ha! Anyway, not so sure what to order, I just based our order on the appearance on the menu. hahah!
 Fresh Spring Roll - Veggie goodness roll, carefully wrapped in rice paper, assorted vegetables, and crab stick. The combination of the ingredients blended well with their peanut sauce :)
 Grilled Pork with Shrimp for boyfie. The pork were flavorful and marinated thoroughly though it's not that tender. 
The shrimps were lump and cooked right. Plus their whole grain rice was so filling!
Vermicelli Noodles - A bowl filled with vermicelli noodles, vegetable, grilled pork and fried rolls served with their sauce served separately. I'm not sure what was that, but it's somewhat sweet liquid-y sauce. Twas okay. I love veggies and fruits. A nice combination! I can eat that without feeling guilty. hahah! But it's not something I will look forward too either :)

You can check their site @

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