Endless Grilling @ Yakimix!

by - July 12, 2013

I was completely surprised to see that I haven't made any post regarding Yakimix. Considering that it's one of the buffet that we first been too! Good thing that I still have the pictures in my facebook account! (And again, I'm asking for your understanding with the pictures since during that time, I have't thought of creating a blog. If you want a nicer photo, then check my recent review at Yakimix here) :D
 So moving on, make sure you have reservation, OR, you arrive there early since it can get so packed easily
 How can you resist those chandelier? :)
 They have spacious space inside the restaurant, though you can't barely notice that when eating! ha!
 Here's our table with a bad angle of picture :(
 Pepper, Sesame, Spicy Powder, Salt for more extra kick to your food!

* A lot of people were attacking the food stations that's why you can see around just 1/4 of the place.*

  see that one who destroys the picture? Well, that's boyfie. I think he cannot control himself anymore. HAHAHA! 
So the blurry picture up there shows you some of the different grilling foods they have

 Setting Up

 Let the cooking begin!

No, we're not a group of people who arrive there. It's only me and boyfie, yes, that's our table! hahahah!

 That's our plate! Hahaha! I can't describe everything but what I like at Yakimix is the different grilling foods they offer. Japanese and Korean alike will surely enjoy their foods! I specifically like the first picture up there. The bacon wrapped mushroom and skewers were good! Though I wished they can have huge varieties of desserts as well. But never the less, I enjoyed their food without putting a whole on our wallet. :)

So here's their rate! :)

You can check their site @

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