CnT Lechon: The best lechon ever!

by - July 04, 2013

Lechon is one of the must try places in Cebu. Different Lechon to choose from. A lot of people told me that CnT is the greatest lechon ever, apart from Anthony Bourdain's bet for Zubuchon which he called the best pig ever! Then the battle of the best piggy began!  
 We wasn't expecting the CnT's location in the food court. I thought it's like on their own kiosk or something.
 Golden yummy piggy!
 Here's their menu. As you can see, lechon can be purchase per kilo. But they have a 1/4 kilo of lechon for 120 pesos. 
Every Lechon must be eaten with "puso" - a rice wrapped in a leaf.
I don't have basis of comparing it with others, but!!! This is one great tasting piggy ever!  It's really tender, not rubbery and will not turn into bubble gum in my mouth! Some others say it's salty, but no. For me, it's PERFECT! Such a magnificent piggy!

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