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by - July 15, 2013

I discovered Sweet Stuffs by Jill by reading some entry from my fellow blogger. Since I was curious how she describes it as delectable and really good, might to try this by myself while we're on Cebu. Why? Because Sweet Stuff by Jill is home based from Cebu offering "Lace Cookies"
 It was actually my first time to hear the "Lace Cookies", so I did a little research way back. Lace Cookies is basically a super thin delicate cookie made up of Almonds/Oatmeal that has filling inside. It was named as lace because of the little hole in the cookie that looks like a cloth lace :) 
 Sweet Stuff by Jill has different kinds of flavors/package. These are the following:
Dark Choco Lace Cookie -350 pesos
White Choco Lace Cookie - 360 pesos 
Matcha Choco Lace Cookie - 370 pesos
Black Sesame Choco Lace Cookie - 370 pesos
Combo Lace Cookie - 370 pesos

Since I wanted to try all of the flavor, I got their Combo flavors. I was surprised to see the very cute and neat box it has! And I expected it to be tiny, but look how huge is that one! (iphone5 for size comparison)

Dark  Chocolate - I'm a Dark Chocolate lover! It has the right amount of bitter sweet taste that 
even non-chocolate lover will appreciate :)
 Black Sesame - This is quite addicting! (well, all of it actually!) The base is chocolate but with hint of sesame aroma!
 Matcha - I must admit, I really hate green tea. From food, down to drink. So I was kinda hesitant to try this, but thank goodness I did! It has a slight taste of tea, but not too strong! It seems that I'm eating a pistachio flavored food. :)
While Chocolate - Boyfie's favorite! Yes, he's a white chocolate lover! :)

For those who are wondering, Sweet Stuffs by Jill is located @ #496 D. Jakosalem St, Cebu.,(how did we find it? One taxi away! hehe) it's on the right side of Sacred Heart Center having a tall huge silver gate. Better order in advance so you can have it at the freshest state! You can text her 0932 231 5342 / 0917 321 0700. *she's friendly too! :)

Check her site @

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