Cebu: Edge Coaster

by - July 15, 2013

Since boyfie is adventurous one, we included this on our itinerary, the Edge Coaster. 
Especially when my friend told me that "andun na din kayo, so try nyo nadin!" So yes, nag feeling matapang ako!
Edge Coaster is the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines having the world's first and 
only Edge Coaster around the 38th level outer-rim of Crown Regency Hotel.
(photo from their website)
  Cameras were prohibited to avoid any incident of falling your things out. These pictures you're going to see is after our ride already. Orayt, So when we're in the elevator going to the 38th floor, i can feel the butferflies on my tummy, while saying "bhe, ayoko na. I wanna go home!" 
 So to cut the story short, I conquered my fear, though I'm not looking down when I'm on the coaster, I just enjoyed the night view and lights of Cebu (btw, it's open from 2oclock in the afternoon up to 1 am midnight) and hoping that our turn will be finished. but like I said, I will never ever try this again!
 Entrance fee is 600-700 pesos per head (i can't remember the exact since I'm lost that time!) 
It's kinda pricey, especially it's only a matter of 1 minute.--BUT! Experience matters! :)
No, we didn't try the SkyWalk since boyfie think that it's not that thrilling. The kuya asked us us to pose, for facebook purposes only. HAHAHAH! 
 So this is the read deal! :D Included in the payment is the certificate to certify that you fearlessly conquered the ride!
Since cameras are prohibited, their official photographer will be there to capture the moment. That's why you don't have choice but to buy their picture (optional) for remembrance.

You can check their site @

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