Bohol: Tarsier Conservation Area

by - July 31, 2013

Note: This is Countryside Tour post is not in order. The sequence of the tour is base on our location. Whichever is the nearest, then that will be first then another, and another. Oraytts! So one of my favorite stop is the Tarsier Conservation. Since it's my first time seeing a tarsier! wohooo!
 Strike a pose! Courtesy of our driver Arvin! :)
 To start of, you have to pay a minimum amount for the entrance
 You should remember THAT!!! Flash in your camera should be TURN OFF! Why? Because according to the folks there, the little fellas has the tendency to commit suicide if they were blinded with camera flashes! :o
 That's the closest thing I can since there's a border line. :P  
 We saw around 10 tarsier. You have to look closely from one branch to other since they might be hiding! heheh! But the dried leaves serves as their roof indicates that there's a tarsier staying there. 
Can you see how tiny they are! Looks big on the picture but it's so tiny!
 Look how cute the smile is!
Outside the conservation area, there's different pasalubong stops to choose from. But Arvin suggested to buy pasalubong at the Blood Compact area since it's the cheapest of all! :)

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