Bohol: Country Side Tour c/o RJ Tours Bohol

by - July 30, 2013

Starting this post, you will now see the escapades we've had when we're in Bohol. But before I start the Countryside Tour, let me introduce you to the man of our entire trip. :) You see, there's a lot of places to visit in Bohol, and you can't just walk from one to another. There's no even taxi there if you're thinking of that idea. I've searched entire google looking for a Bohol tour but only RJ answers my question promptly and politely.  
Our shuttle arrived on Amorita the exact time I said :)

2,000 pesos for a Bohol Country Side tour. Expensive? Nahhh! Look at your shuttle. And!! Try searching for Country Side Tour, RJ has the cheapest price. Aside from that, driver is also included. They already have the standard itinerary for you. 

> Blood Compact Shrine
> Baclayon Church
> Biggest Python in Captivity
> Tarsier Encounter
> Lunch / River Cruise
> Loboc River
> Hanging Bridge
> Man Made Forest
> Butterfly Conservation Center
> Shiphouse (optional)
> Chocolate Hills
> Approniana Souvenir Shop

If you want to add a place which you want to visit and not on their list, it's free of charge IF it's on the way. Like on our case, we also added Hinagdan Cave on our Itinerary (which is super worth it btw!) and just remove the Shiphouse on our list to lessen the time of our trip. :) **Incase it's really out of the way, extra charge will be applied :)
What's so good about them? We also have instant photographer! yey! *sample above* They are very kind and entertaining. As for our trip, Arvin is our driver (Hello Arvin! :D )
I highly recommend RJ Tours Bohol. Kind, Prompt, Hassle Free communication! 
You can check their Sulit account 
Or simply text them @ +63-917-324-5488

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