Bohol: Amorita Resort (Part 3: Candle Light Dinner)

by - July 23, 2013

Our next night in Amorita is the day itself that we are celebrating our 8th Anniversary. 
So we decided to put the Candle Light schedule on that night. Oh diba? Para mas romantic! hahaha!
We were informed that the dinner will be held in the deck where we can see the beauty of the Alona beach with the soothing sound of the waves. But when we saw the set up, I wanna melt because of happiness! I expected something but not like this! 
All I thought is a table with foods, etc, but it's just really wow!
 Thank God for the nice weather that night! (even there's a rainy weather forcast that day). 
We also have our own butler during our entire meal. Thank you Kuya! :)
 Our dinner includes a 5 course meal per head :)
 Look at the pretty set up! :)
Sorry! I can't help it! hahaha!
 Me + a thumb
 Boyfie. hahaha! 
 Red Wine to start the meal 
 Onion Rye Bread with Butter with Ham Crostini Spread- The spread is really nice with their hot steaming bread :)
Asian Salad with Sesame Dressing- And since boyfie is not a fan of veggies, I got two plates of these! mehehe!
 Crab Bisque Soup- Really yummy! The thickness of the soup is good plus the heart warming taste of Crab fat! nomnomnom! 
 Bacon Wrapped White Pan Crusted Rockfish with sweet potato puree, brussel sprouts, carrots and cherry tomato - 
I entirely consume everything! The fish was cooked perfectly, without having the stinky fish-y taste, and yes, wrapped with a bacon. What can go wrong with that? :)
 Pork Tenderloin stuffed with mushroom on a cranberry barbecue sauce. - Since this is boyfie's dish, I can't give a detailed info on this one. But he told me that the pork were flavorful from outside to inside of the dish. 
 Lemon Meringue Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream- Twas okay for both of us. Since I'm not fan of citrus-y flavored dessert. 
I liked chocolate base better! :P
BURP! Happy 8th Anniversary! (excuse for the blurry photo)

You can check their website @

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  1. Wow! OMG! Good thing I saw your blog. I was able to get an "access" of what the place looks like for I only saw pictures of the infinity pool and the Alona Beach. Thank you for the photos - room, lobby, dinner, resto. It is really worth sharing! Thanks!

    1. Hello K,

      People like you makes me want to do better and better on this blog each day. Thanks for your kind words. Cheers! :")


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