Bohol | 8th Anniversary: Amorita Resort Special! Good Morning Breakfast! :)

by - July 20, 2013

So here it is again! The Part 3 post of our Amorita Special! After spending the day in our plunge pool and the magnificent view at Amorita Resort, PLUS! pampering our body that night, the next day? Alam na! It's breakfast buffet! :) 

 Look at the kiddie utensils! It's cute how they consider the kids regarding that one :)
 Bread section
 Salads and Anti Pasti.
 Cereals, Milks, Oatmeals
 Congee. I forgot to taste this one :(
 Omelette Section
 Hash Brown, Garlic Rice, Steamed Rice
 Since boyfie is not a fan of veggies, we had their Eggs + Mushroom + Lotsaaa Cheese!
 Freshly Squeezed Juices
 Bacon! Ofcourse, I hoard a lot! Hahahah! I love their crispiness of their bacon! Perfect!
 Crispy Pusit - Best to be paired with their vinegar!
 Boyfie WOWED when He saw this! I haven't see a breakfast buffet with Lechon Kawali! There's a sparkle on boyfie's eyes! hahahah! Especially if the sauce is not vinegar. We love the usual Lechon Kawali + Mang Tomas Sauce! PERFECT!
 Chicken Ham
 Tortang Talong! I love this! :)
 Look at the nice view of the pool? :)
 And yes, pray before eating. :) Can you see the amount of Lechon Kawali and Bacon? :P

 First Plate :P
 Look how cheesy that omelette is! 
Some fruits. And yes, I'm so glad that my favorite fruit is there- Mangosteen! :)
 Overall, the number of foods particularly the viand were not as much like others, but for me, it's just perfect since we don't experience that bloaded feeling after eating. Besides, who cares especially if the favorite Lechon Kawali and Bacon is there? HAHAH! :)

You can check their website @

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