Bohol | 8th Anniversary: Amorita Resort Special! -Saturday Grill Buffet

by - July 17, 2013

Here's a part 2 of our Amorita Special gateway! One Romantic Dinner is included in our package, so we still need one dinner to complete our stay. We thought of strolling around the Alona Beach and look for some place to eat. But we can't help our self but to give in to their Saturday Grill Buffet! Who can resist that photo?!

 Saffron Restaurant
 Table Set Up

 Tiger Prawns- Everyone's favorite!
 Beef and Chicken Strips- I went gaga on their beef strips! nomnom!
 Squids, Fish- Best paired with their sauce
 Beef Rendang- Flavorful and Tender

 Truffle Pasta with Chicken and Zucchini - I love the creaminess of the pasta! And you can taste the yumminess of the truffle!
 Turmeric Rice- I wasn't able to taste this though. Maybe next time! :)
 Sauteed Vegetable - The veggies were cooked just right. But I will like this better if the sauce will be thicker :)
 Dinakdakan - One of my fave foods ever! It's so spicy but I can't help it! It's really good!
 Mushroon & Cheese Croquette - I'm not sure if there's a sauce with this one :P
 Bread Section
 Salad Section
 Stuffed Cuapao!
 I liked how they presented their butter! How cute! And creative! :D
 I'm not a fan of persian food to be honest, but surpringly, I liked it! Especially with their sauce!
 Dessert Section - I'm hoping for chocolate section though. Not a fan of rice delicacies. :/
 Fruit section. Boyfie enjoyed the watermelon bigtime!
There's also a full slab ribs at the back of their grilling section. The crew were so kind to offer this to us. The ribs were cooked right. Though it's not fall off the bone, it's flavorful, but too spicy for my tastebuds. hehe!
 1st Plate (1/3 plate)
 2nd Plate (1/3 plate)
 3rd Plate (1/2 plate)
 4th Plate (1/1 Plate)- This is really tasty and refreshing!
 5th Plate (1/1 Plate)- I forgot the name of the rice delicacy from Bohol which is best to be paired with the ice cream!
6th Plate (1/1 except for the cake. coz I had 3 rounds! haha) I wished they will make the cake more appetizing. Why? It's freakinly good!!! I was not planning to get the cake since the color looks dull, but that's the dish I enjoyed the most! :)
These ladies were superb! One of a kind voice! Soothing and Relaxing voice. I wonder if they are member in some bands or something?
After our dinner buffet, we went straight to our villa for our Couples Massage, and look what surprised us? They are the sweetest thing on earth!  
 Plus some notes that will help us on our trip the next day!
The only picture I had in couples massage. I hate massages. I have a high percentage of laughing out loud since I'm really ticklish! But twas my first massage wherein I didn't laugh! Swear! I fell asleep for the first time, tulo pa laway! HAHAHAH! :p More post to come! :)

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