Bohol | 8th Anniversary: Amorita Resort Special!

by - July 17, 2013

And yes! The moment that we've waiting for! It's our 8th Year Anniversary Celebration! :) It's been months of searching in the internet, to find 'that' place where we are going to celebrate our 8th! Ofcourse, I wanted to make this special! After those googling months, all my hard works were paid for! Amorita Resort, Trip Advisor's 2013 Winner. :)

I received a loooot of messages from my friends in Facebook, after I uploaded our gateway in Amorita. Regarding the place, rates, and service. So as I promised, that's the rate of Amorita as of the moment (form their website). Photo above is their Lovers Gateway Package. You can check their website for other package that will best suit you needs. I will be your living proof that, EVERY PENNY WILL BE WORTH IT! Orayts! So moving on! :)

 As soon as we reached the Tagbilaran port, we were escorted by their staff, gave us a basket of cold water, 
then drove around 45 minutes form the port.
 Welcome Drinks as we went down the shuttle. If I remember it's taste correctly, it's seems like a pandan drink? 
Though I appreciate if it's much colder. :)
 The front desk
 The Lobby

Then they bring us to our Villa. We had their Romantic Package @ Garden Villa :)
 yey! Welcome to our villa!
Pathway of our villa
!@#$%^& YES! We have our own plunge pool in our villa where we can take a dip whenever we want! 
Isn't it sweet?! Home make cookie plus a welcome note from their manager! Here's a little secret, I thought that the taste of the cookie is just OK, but when I tasted that one, MAN!!! That's really good! Fudgy, Chocolately, and Moist chocolate cookie! It's so good that I asked Aldrin if I can have his other picece :S hahah! :D
 LOOK AT THAT! We're speechless! That's the one who welcomed us aside from the warm hospitality of their staff! 
We were treated like a spoiled brat! It's so pretty I want to cry!!! :((
Here's a closer look! Those pretty looking flowers and details! Mind you, it's been hours before we remove those! 
It's hard to destroy that creation right?
 Sorry I failed to take a picture of the whole angle of room because of my amazement, but this is the closing thing I've got. haha! :P

Flat Screen TV,  Comfy Chair, Notepads
Pretty looking flowers!
Robes, Slippers, Safety Deposit Box, Laundry Bag, Umbrella
Sorry for the blury photo! :D See that mini bar over there? It's all ours! Complimentary of Amorita! We very much enjoyed their drinks, Aldrin with the beers, while Chuckie and Sola for me!! :D
I really love how every little detail is important to them
 Behold! You see that Bamboo over there? It's a Loudbasstard- A Filipino made amplifier that will bring vibe to your music, wirelessly! 
 One of my favorite in Amorita is their Comfort Room. The best I've ever seen so far! 
It was tastefully decorated having an open-plan bathroom set up!
 It was my first time seeing a comfort room like this. It gives justice to "COMFORT" in a Comfort Room word ;)
 One of a kind restroom!
Toiletries were also provided.
A shot from the plunge pool area

 Look who's enjoying! :D
 And a lots of pa-cutes from me! HA!
 This is LIFE!
 See this? All you have to do is to place this "Please clean my villa" outside then when you come back, tadaaaah! 
It's easy weeezy clean!
 Or have this DND sign if you don't want to be disturb. :)
 There's also a playground for kiddos!
 A balcony facing the relaxing view of Alona Beach

*Okay, I know the below images will not give justice on the real beauty of the place since I haven't got a nice angle of the area. But you can check their website for their stunning place, trust me, it's MAGNIFICENT! :) *

 A deck where you can lie down and do some tanning

 I'll get a better view next time! I promise!

It's just a introduction of the resort. More Amorita special to come! :)

For our Part 2, Click here! :)

You can check their site @

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