Cheap but goodie steak @ Everything at STEAK! :)

by - June 06, 2013

Hailed as the cheapest and the best tasting steaks at "Ang Pinaka" of Qtv GMA 7. It changed a lot since the first time we went there. The interiors transformed into a homey and air conditioned place.

They are attentive and fast! Or maybe, we are the last customer when we visited the place? hahah!

For a matter of 199 pesos, you'll have a huge steak together with rice plus side dish of your choice. 
They have wide variety for their sides: 
` Garlic bread
` Macaroni salad
` Mashed potato
` Potato wedges
` Chorizo carbonara, 
` Meatball pasta
` Mac n cheese
` 2 fried eggs
` Twister fries
` Grilled corn
` Twice baked potato
` Buttered corn and carrot 

and lotsssss more! (I can't remember the others)
T- Bone (195 pesos)
Rib Eye (195 pesos)
Lamb Steak (195 pesos)

The steak is really tender and full of flavors. Infact, I, myself cannot consume everything because it's really huge. 
So, If you're on a tight budget and you want to satisfy your steak cravings, then this is the place for you!

 You can check their site @

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