Lunch out with fambam @ Mr. Choi Kitchen

by - June 10, 2013

I remembered way back when twas so good! But during our last visit, everything changed already. 
I dunno if they change their cook or what.  Their serving size is not that generous as well. 

 They also have Al Fresco 
 Huge menu as you enter

Complimentary Tea 

We ordered the following:
 Yang Chow Fried Rice- I truly adore the version of their Yang Chow. Not only because it's really tasty but with the perfect yellow orange color it has. 
 Cold Cuts Combination- You know how I love Cold Cuts! (regardless of the restaurant). The sweet and yummy sauce is thick and flavorful. 
 Salt and Pepper Spareribs- A bit of oily, but I wished they cut the spareribs smaller. :)
 Fresh Scallops with Broccoli - I loved this one so much!!! The garlicy flavor of the sauce plus the fresh scallops burst in its natural sweetness!
 Seafood Hofan- I find this one so saucy. But nevertheless, it's still good! The noodles were cooked perfectly
 Mr. Choi Dimsum Combination- First time to order this one as a family. Twas basically a dimsum that were put altogether :P
 Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce- The chicken were not that cripy when they served the food to us. The skin sips the sauce already that why it's a little bit soggy. 
 Sauteed Mixed Vegetable - We were surprised when this one arrived on our table. I loved vegetables so much, especially the mushroom! But it's kinda weird that they served the veggies with hotdogs? watcha think? :D
 Steamed Fish with Ginger and Soy Sauce- The ginger and soy sauce were everyone's favorite! The fish were cooked evenly! Nom! 
 Crispy Fried Chicken the kids loves this so much. Ofcourse it's fried chicken! haha! But I find this one a bit dry inside though.
We also bough a Chinese Deli. Fished skin seasoned inside and out. I can't stop munching over these!
tadaah! happy tummy! :)

You can check their page @

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