KANTO-fied @ Kanto Freestyle Breakfast??

by - June 09, 2013

I WAS NOT KANTO-fied (I'm sorry) I was wowed by the number of reviews with Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Claimed as "Affordable Gourmet Breakfast". Almost everyone who reviewed the place got lost. Guess what? Same here!

Directions: For those who are planning to go there, it's located in Boni > Look for RTU since it's the nearest landmark you can have > San Joaqin Street > Then ask the pedicab drivers beside the street.
 I wasn't surprise with the place since I've read it's just a karinderya. And yes, I have to agree. It's really a karinderya.
 Don't fret with the place. Don't even expect that it's a "sosyal" karinderya. The place is not even sanitized. 
Garbage on the side, Messy Tables, No Hairnets and so on. I repeat, the typical karinderya.
We waited for our food around 20 minutes. Anyway, it's stated on their facebook page that they really serve their food slow.  The food is cheap. Really! I didn't see a meal more than 100 pesos. 90 pesos is their Kanto Breakfast Set Meal (Comes with Rice, 2 Eggs (scramble or sunnies), and two tomato pesto.  Since the price is cheap, i really want to taste everything! So we ordered the following:

 Tuyo Flakes with Kesong Puti (90 pesos)- This is my order since I thought I always order the usual tapa/tocino and the like. Twas good. Not extremely good, but i appreciate this food. I'm a fan of pesto that's why I loved the tomato pesto on the sides. The tuyo flakes topped with kesong puti and drizzled pesto sauce is nice combination.
 Batangas Tapa (90 pesos)- I thought their tapa is something I can recommend but NO! #ALLCAPSPARAINTENSE Boyfie ordered tapa, not "rubber tapa".  I swear, it's really tough and rubbery!  I can't barely taste the tapa flavor. The karinderyas near you serves better tasting tapa. *their scramble omellete is nice. Order this one instead of sunnies.
 Fluffy Pancake with Mixed Berries (90 pesos)- I have to admit, their pancakes were indeed fluffy! Topped with huge strawberries and blueberries. I think this is one of their strength. Look how pretty that pancake is!
Fried Oreos (50 pesos)- I can't find the right words on how to describe it.  But they used super used oil already.

- I'm making this review based on the food that we ordered and not the place since I expected it already.
- I recommend this to everyone for you to atleast try and tell me if I just made a wrong order or my rating is really fair.
- Out of 5, I'm inbetween 2-3 star rating. But because I loved the tomato pesto, then i'll go for 3.
- In my honest opinion, it was a popular kanto breakfast because of how they presented their meals, which infairness to them, not the usual karinderya type. But taste wise, it's not something that I will bother going back. Or maybe, because Christine Reyes usually go there?

You can check their website @

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