Infinitea now in Binangonan! :)

by - June 19, 2013

Altast! There's a milktea shop now in Binangonan! I was really happy! It's just around 10 minutes around our house. 
 Infinitea in Binangonan
 A spacious area
 There's also another space on the side. Perfect for smokers out there. 
 And a cute message cork board

*Here's their menu*

 they also partnered with Nacho King
 There's their biggie Nacho.
 Here's one of their new drink. Soda Pop! (Green Apple flavor) - Surprisingly good! 
Twas a soda infused with different fruit flavorings. 
 Everyone's favorite - Wintermelon! I suddenly love their version of Wintermelon! (with additional pudding) It has the right amount of tea flavor. Strong enough but retains the melowness of the drink
 Lychee Soda Pop- You can't see much the flavor at the bottom. Like the Green Apple, it's really good.
Perfect for those who are looking for instant refresher!
Mocha Cookie Crumble (with coffee jelly) - I keep coming back for this one. It's cool how on every sip you can taste the cookie crumbs having this crunchy consistency. Surprising how it's not getting soggy at all!

Chocolate Mousse (with coffee jelly and Nata)- Chocolate-y goodness which every sweet tooth will love. Though I find this one too sweet on my visit. But nevertheless, it's good!
Wintermelon Milk Tea (with coffee jelly and pearls)- This order is what I had the next morning. But sadly, It doesn't have the actual taste that I'm looking for. I hope the branch in Infinitea Binangonan will improve the consistency in preparing our drink. :S

You can check their site @

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