Happy Tummy @ Comida China de Manila! :)

by - June 26, 2013

Last Father's Day, the whole family decided to eat at Comida China for a change. Aside from the fact that it's a Chinese Resto, it's near our place so it's definitely a hit for my Dad!  Twas jam packed outside since it's father's day! 
That's why we headed inside to reserve our seats. I didn't know that the place inside was huge. Twas like a neat house with dividers inbetween, depends on the number of persons. 
 Table Set Up
 My Place
 And a little complimentary Father's Day gift. That's such a nice thing with them :)
 A super pose from 2 of our lovely helpers :D
 And a Family Shot. 

*Here's their menu*

Comida China Soup - The block buster of the entire meal. REALLY GOOD! The server recommended this to us! 
 And yes, it did not disappoint. A must order! Promise! 
 Yang Chow
 Assorted Coldcuts - Disappointed.  It's not authentically made on their resto. These are exactly like the one that my Dad is buying in Binondo. *sob* 
 Hainan White Chicken - The greatest white chicken I've tasted. No kidding! Why? It has this smokey unique flavor on the dish. Delish!
Salt and Pepper Spareribs - You know what I'm going to say.--North Park's version is much better! The tenderness I'm looking for is not there. A bit burnt as well. Can you see?
Seafood Shanghai - It was not the best I have tasted, but their Shanghai sauce is really good! 
 Seafood Comida Chow Mien - The noodles were saucy just the way we liked it. Generously topped with seafoods and veggies. Yum! 
 Salt and Pepper Squid - Really crunchy, and the squid were soft. Though It still lacks "some" *no, not some* MORE flavor.  
Beef with Broccoli - I thought this is the broccoli flower, but no, it's the broccoli leaves after all. Kinda disappointed. 

VERDICT: Overall, the resto has a potential. Though needs a little polishing on their food IMO :)

You can check their website @

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