Cheapie But Goodie Steaks @ Brickfire!

by - June 27, 2013

My sister asked me a lot of times to visit this place. And finally! The place is a bit small in this branch, though I must admit, it's homey and tidy, They have one of the fastest wifi too! (I think their wifi is faster even than the one at home! HAHAH!

I'm not sure of the reason or because this branch is new, but their service here is really friendly and polite. They are always on their smiling face

*Here's their menu*

I ordered their Cheesy Broccoli (180 pesos) twas MEH!! Think of a semi-watery carbonara sauce, with Broccoli. I can't believe I ordered that one. Mas mahal pa sa Cow Girl Annie!

Cowgirl Annie- Though I find it a little bit, "as in a little bit" tough, still I really enjoyed this dish.
The meat were really flavorful. Swear bear!

You can check their website @

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