Cheap but goodie food @ Mr. Ube!

by - June 18, 2013

Since I was a child, Eng Bee Tin's Hopia is a must have to our house. 
I don't usually eat hopia, but not if it's from Eng Be Tin. 
*forgive me with the photos. I'm really not good that time! :D

 That different kinds of HOPIA! nom! 
 So let's go with Mr.Ube (owned by Eng Bee Tin). I was with sister + family and boyfie when we visited the place. I was amazed how cheap their food is! Really!
 Like around 100-150 per dish! We ordered different things but what stood out from the rest is the Lomi.

Lechon Macau - Really crunchy and not fatty at all! Best paired with their sweet and sour sauce

 Beef with Ampalaya - I wonder why thins is included on their menu. But never the less, it's tasted good! What I love here is the sesame flavor it has! 
Sweet and Sour Chicken - Crispy on the outside, while retaining the juiciness inside!
 Lomi - I literally said WOOOOW when they served that to us. It's gigantic!!  The big bowl over there is not just a big bowl. It's a deep big bowl! That's why we wasn't able to consume that one even We are 4 adults and 2 kids. There's a plus as well, not it's just gigantic big, but it tastes really nice! That thick creamy chinese style lomi with chunks of meat were indeed flavorful! 
You can check their site @

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