Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone

by - June 21, 2013

Okay so this is one of the food stop that's just one kembot away from my Alma Matter. It's a normal pizza with a twist. 
It's a pizza in a cone! Errr! That's why it's amazing cone. :D

 The size of the place were just right. Not so big, not small either. Comfy couch and chairs, plus free wifi too!
 12 Pizza cones to choose from. Rice Meals , pika snacks, ice creams and drinks are also available! 
 Since I don't have idea with their food, i asked for their best seller. They told me that it's the:
 "Everything but the sink" amazing cone. As the name says it all, 9 toppings in one cone. (pepperoni, italian sausages, beef, mushrooms, pineapple, bell pepper, onions, olives, tomato sauce, and mozarella cheese! 
 How cool is that?  The taste? Nothing special. Not for a best seller actually. It tasted weird maybe coz the toppings were put altogether. More like Chicken Ala King. The nearest description I can give.

While this is the "Pizza Burger" totally addictive! Full of burger flavors inside!  
 Make sure to try this one. It's not the usual hotdog sandwich. They have a special sauce that makes the sandwich so good. The hotdog itself was really juicy!
 Pistachio Nut - Boyfie wanted this one. I didn't taste any Pistachio-y flavor. More like vanilla ice cream. Nothing special. But boyfie loves it so much. I asked him "if you'll give it a rating, what is it?" he said, 10 million!  Yeah, he's really a fan of vanilla ice cream that's why.
Buter Pecan - It's good as well. But I'm still looking for more "buttery" flavor. 
 HK milk tea - Taste is like "mine shine" I'm not sure if your'e familiar with that. But it's the milk tea in a bottle that you can buy at 7/11. Exact taste it has!
Yakitori - It's not as sulit if you look at the price but it's good! I really love the sauce! 

You can check their site @

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