Adobo Craze @ Adobo Connection

by - June 08, 2013

I kept on seeing this with my fellow blogger. This is a rave before then. So out of curiosity, we've tried it.

 They have small place here in Robinsons Galleria
 Different versions of Adobo
 Or even set meals

We've ordered the folowing: 
 Adobo Spaghetti 
- I thought it will be a bomb! But I was wrong. The sauce is sooo watery. I can't even taste the spaghetti sauce itself
 Adobo Flakes 
- It was okay. Nothing special.
 Pork Adobo Rice 
- It's actually good. 2 cups of adobo rice with adobo flakes on top.
 Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo 
- Their bestseller. The taste? Hmmm. Okay lang. My mum and dad's adobo is waaaaay better.
Twas OK. But they have affordable price though. 

You can check their site @

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