Popcorn lovin' @ Chicago Popcorn!

by - June 01, 2013

Together with boyfie and my sister, we decided to go at S&R for the love of my Poppycock popcorn. That blue tin can of Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn, drizzled with gooey Caramel, Chocolate syrup plus chunks of Chocolate and Almond is simply irresistible!  

But sad to say, only Poppycock's Almond Pecan is available. So I've decided to try the Chicago Gourmet Popcorn that I've been hearing around.
This is their kiosk in SM Megamall. Located at 3rd floor, inbetween the connector of building A and B.
 I loved the tin metalic can they have, it's reusable! Ha!
They offered me free taste of everything, Cheese Classic, Caramel Crisp, Chicago Mix, Almond Caramel Crisp, and The Chocolate Mix. I was about to buy their Almond Caramel Crisp but my sweet toothbuds protested, and said NO!  Yup, I had their Chocolate Mix as a substitute to my ever delish Poppycock.
The Popcorn has these thick Caramel and Chocolate drizzled all over. It's a great snack and dessert at the same time!  I can't help myself by opening the can over and over again.  However, my only complain is that 30% of the popcorn are compose of plain white Kernels, while the remaining 70% is the genuine Caramel/Chocolate Popcorn. Tinipid much?  Next time, i'll go for their Almond Caramel Crisp and hoping that it's made up of 100% pure Chicago Love! 

You can check their website @

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