Pizza-rific meal @ Nolita!

by - May 11, 2013

I completely believe that Pizza, weather you eat it hot or cold, it's still delicious! Why? Because, it's simply Pizza! Agree? :) So what more if the Pizza is freshly made from scratch and baked from oven? :)
Nolita is located at High Street Central in Taguig. The place is pretty nice. NY vibe all over the place. Wooden chairs, and some frames hanging on their wall with NY pictures. When we arrived there, the place is HOT! The crew however apologizes and said that their AC is having a little problem.
 Here's half of their menu. (this photo is from Anton  Diaz)
 Grilled Chicken Sundried Pesto (250 pesos) twas good! Since I am a pesto lover, nothing can go wrong with that. My tongue burst with happiness tasting the Pesto flavor all over the pizza. The chunks of feta cheese and Grilled chicken adds additional texture on the dish! While the strips of sundried tomatoes gives a twist on the pizza, giving it a tangy salty flavor is between! Such a wonderful creation! I divided it into two since it's really huge. While I eat the other half in the cinema while watching "It takes a man and a woman". (btw, it's really good! hahahah! that's my next after One More Chance) 
Shrimp Carbonara (290 pesos) Aldrin ordered this one, coz He's a fanatic of Carbonara! I just had a bite with this and it's good too! It has the ample ingredients which were really tasty. I loved their presentation with this one, the egg in the middle will surely capture your attention!
Spicy Italian Sausage (210 pesos) My friend ordered this one since she loves spicy foods. She says it's good since it was topped with plenty of cheese and crispy spicy sausages on top. Though she had to remove the onions coz she's not eating that one. hahah!

 For dessert, we ordered Cannoli (100 pesos) I've heard from other reviews that it's really good, that's why I'm so curious to try this for myself. A dessert made up of ricotta cream, chocolate chips, and pistachio nuts. The taste is so weird. Twas like mashed cheesecake with crumbly consistency that has dark chocolate chips on it. Major disappointment! 
Funnel Cake (110 pesos) My friend Pat ordered this one. It's a fritter like pastry that is crunchy on the outside and soft inside topped with powdered sugar with caramel and cream dip on side. Just OK to me. Tastes like the local Bicho Bicho. 
As for drinks, we ordered Lemonade (160 pesos) and Watermelon Lemonade (160 pesos) - Darn! I regret it bigtime! Twas soooo sweet! It seems that they want us to catch diabetes! 

Overall, Nolita twas a No No for a dessert IMO. ;)

I also heard that they have pretty tasty burger! Watcha think? :)
(Credits to JJ Yulo for the picture)

You can check their website @

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