New Pizza Hut's Crab Salad Roll!

by - May 11, 2013

Do you have that moment when you're feeling "pa-healthy?" When suddenly, you wanted to eat something healthy. So yes, this is the moment! When me and boyfie visited Pizza Hut, I saw this on their new offerings. Crab Salad Roll. Actually, twas my first time, ordering a spring roll wrapped in a rice paper sheet, so it's a first time experience for me, and I don't have a basis on comparing it to others. So for this dish alone, I must say that I loved it! :)

Crab sticks, Cucumber and Lettuce wrapped in thin rice paper served with soy dressing! The crap sticks inside were huge though the cucumber were a bit unnoticeable, while the rice paper holds the salad together having this jelly texture. Great combination of Soy Dressing is quite addictive, but not too much since it might over power the salad! :)

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  1. me and my bff love this salad as well, ^_^

    1. Yay! High Five! Though I'm hoping that they put this on their menu permanently though :/


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