Lunch out @ Cookbook Kitchen

by - May 29, 2013

We decided to dine at Cookbook after playing bowling with my Looloo friends. The place is average. 
Not the type of i-want-to-dine-there resto. Not big nor small, well lighted but a bit hot when we arrived there? 
Wifi is available! They have CR which I don't know what it looks like since it's brown out & completely dark when I went
Their service was average. Friendly enough to answer our question (though not that knowledgeable with their products) but it's nice of them to take our pictures with smile on their faces! 

*We ordered the following*
Parmesan White Crusted Fish- The highlight of the entire meal, IMO. A perfectly baked Cream Dory topped with parmesan cheese that has butter-y goodness in every bite! Winner! 
Aglio Olio - Was OK. It has the right spiciness that I'm looking for. Not oily but the pasta were overcooked? Or I just preffer the Al dente one?
Fruitti de Mari- Tomato Based pasta with different kinds of seafood on it. Twas OK, though I find it bland at some point? Maybe a dash of salt will do.  And!!! Again, the pasta was overcooked.
Temecula Ribs- This would be my second fave after the Crusted Fish. Served with baby potatoes and pineapple. Though it's exaggeratedly sweet, I liked it!  Coz it reminds me of "hamonado" which is my fave since kiddo. Hahaha! But i think it's better if they put lesser sauce on the dish. 
Red Velvet Cake - My sweeth tooth cried upon tasting their version.  hahaha! I'm sorry but their cake is too dry and not moist at all! Sprinkled with Swissmiss/Nesquik powdered milk drink that didn't helped at all.

Overall, twas a nice experience. Will definitely go back to try out their other dish! 

You can check their website @

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