Looloo Eat Up Dinner Buffet @ Chef Laudico

by - May 24, 2013

The setting of the Looloo Eat Up is @ Chef Laudico in P. Guevarra San Juan. The setting is like an Old Filipino Mansion turned into a restaurant. Well lighted and ventilated, painted with classic white walls. 
 "HI MAM SIR, WELCOME TO CHEF LAUDICO!" as we arrived. They are pretty hands on during our entire stay. They are prompt and fast. Fast enough and tell us that the buffet should be 2 hours only. SRSLY, from all the buffet I've been to, that's the only buffet that has a time limit (2 hour maximum stay.)  I thought it's "Eat Until We Drop" scenario!
 Their buffet has a limited selection of foods. From the appetizers down to their dessert. 
 The highlight of their Buffet is their Angus Beef . Yes! That deadly scrumptious beef! 
 What stood out from the rest is their Grilled Section, IMO. 

*Here's my Plate*
 The Grilled Tuna(?), Pork, Chicken were tender and flavorful 
 Their other cooked foods were good as well. 
The pesto, which happens to be my favorite lacks its flavor bigtime, and swimming in oil! :(
As for their dessert, nothing to raved about, better skip the breads. Even with their Ice Cream. It's almost melted already. (on a thin line border of Soft served and Melted ice cream)

From all the desserts that they have, I truly loved their Chocolate Yema Truffle! A dusted dark chocolate powder outside, filled with gooey and not so sweet Yema. Winner! :)

`Here's a little secret: They also have hidden dessert. You cannot see it on the buffet table, you have to ask them first before they will serve it to you. Halo Halo and Brazo de Mercedes
I really thought it's huge. But to found out that it's miniature version. 
And here's the Brazo de Mercedes. Both of the desserts was just OK for me.

Look at these lovely Looloo members

So for those who are wondering. And are not familiar with Looloo, it's an application exclusively for iphone, (but viewable on Android too!) that let's you discover lots of places here in the Philippines. Such as Restaurants, Spa, Movie Houses, Bars, Hotels, Airports and lots more! You can able to review the place (e.g. restaurant) you've visited and rank them based on your experience, AND!! Suggest is to others! What's so cool about this app?

Boyfie: "Bhe, san tayo kakain?"
Me: "Ikaw san mo gusto?"
Boyfie: "Kahit saan" 
Me: "Okay, I'll check on Looloo"

Looloo allows you to check the top rating places/ best tasting restos that you can find in the Philippines. 
So for those who haven't downloaded the app yet, go now on App store and download it. See you there! :)

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