Johnny's Fried Chicken!

by - May 17, 2013

Boyfie needed to take lunch, and knowing boyfie, If he saw a "Lechon Kawali" on the menu, bang! He wants there. 

 The place seems a small eatery shop in the corner of Cybermall, around 20-25 people can sit there comfortably. 
At some point, the place seems to be so messy.
 Their service were below average. They're unattentive to their customers, even just by observing at others.
 The price is really cheap. Just look at their menu? Cheapie right? :D
Lechon Kawali is just okay. A bit dry and Not that crunchy Boyfie is disappointed. They don't have the 'sarsa' which it's best to be paired with, what they have is soy-vinegar combination.
Imagine a whole bowl of Chopsuey costs less than a 150 pesos. Taste wise it's good. Their shrimp is big which i appreciate a lot, the the sauce is not that thick the way I like it.

This store has a potential but needs lots of improvement. Check their facebook page @

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