Famous Belgian Waffles!

by - May 22, 2013

I keep on hearing about this Famous Belgian Waffles All over, and I'm dying to try that for myself!
So when I saw their stall, I didn't think twice to see what's the rave all about. 
 They have 16 different flavors to choose from
 The difference of their waffle compare with others is that, the batter placed in the waffle maker is just a bit. So the tendency is that the texture of their waffle is crispy on the outsite and soft inside
 Then smothered it with your desired flavor
 then after a couple of minutes, it's done. It's not like those Waffle Stores that will cook the waffle before hand, here in Famous Belgian Waffle, they make it as you buy it.

FBW retains the crisp consistency on the outside which I appreciate since they just put a little batter on the waffle maker. Above photo is their Blueberry Cream Cheese - twas good, but I can't barely taste the flavor.
Banana Hazelnut (best seller) and tastes good too! 
We also ordered for their Straberry Cream Cheese - which tastes like the above mention waffle and 
Ham and Cream Cheese - that has super tiny triangular shape of ham, topped with cream cheese. How is it? Just OK.

I wished they put more filling on their waffle. (though I'm not sure if it's with this branch only) I can't barely taste the fillings they put, but for 35 pesos? Why not chocnut!

You can check their website @

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