Dinner buffet: HEAT @ EDSA Shangrila

by - May 18, 2013

I admit that HEAT @ EDSA Shangrila is one of my fave hotel buffet. So when we found out that it's half price, we didn't think twice! That's when me and my friends celebrated our 2 years in IBM and 94th month with boyfie as well!  ayiee! Okay enough of that, hahaha!
 EDSA Shangrila's HEAT Buffet for 50% Off! 

*Here's the buffet sections they have*
 Pecking Duck Station
 Wrapped Pecking Duck
 Dimsum Station
 Pasta Station
 Vegetable Station
 Crustaceans Station 
 Filipino Dipping and Sauces
 Filipino Food Station
Mediterranean Sauces and Spices
 Persian Foods
 Bread Station
 Baked Seafoods Station
 Antipasti Station
 Fruits Section
Cheese Station
 Coldcuts Station
 Halo Halo Station
 Taho Station
Ice Cream Station 
Dessert Station
 Cream Puff and Tart Station
 Cake Station
 Panacotta Station

*So here's OUR plate* - (hahah! yes, it's our plate!!)

Out of 5, I will rate this as 3 star despite I'm a HEAT fanatic. Well, the quality of food they served were Lowered. I expected this at some point since it's a promo. Compared to my last visit, everything seems ordinary from appetizers to main and down to my fave part, dessert. Yes, it broke my heart!
 Their cheese choices were limited. And their bread? It's hard as rock! :O
 Their Seafoods particularly their crab, is huge and has a crab fat! Nom! 
Though the other shell fishes were really hard. I can't even chew it. It's seems that it's a rubber! eek!
 Their dimsum which I enjoyed the most were good. Especially their dumplings! Huge and juicy shrimp inside were tasty! Their Hakao is just so-so. The wrapper is thick and not that tasty at all. Chicken feet and Spareribs which should be a must in a dimsum is not there. 
Their US Angus Beef were flavorful, but still can't stand on its own so putting of sauce is a must. But, it's tough!  
 A friend had this one, and she said it's good.
 Also my friend's plate, since I'm not a fan of suhshi etc, and he loves this big time! 
 Their cooked foods (Western and Eastern) were cooked nicely! Flavorful and tender just the way it should be. 
Except on Indian Cuisine since I'm not a fan, i'd rather not to comment since I would be bias. 
 Their pasta were below average. I opted for their Pesto (Pesto Lover here) that is just forgettable. 
Lacks of taste and no omph factor. I'd still prefer the one in Spiral which is the most delish pesto I had.
Their Carbonara is good. We were asked what would be the ingredients we want for our pasta, and it did not disappoint. But I'm still looking for a thicker sauce which their Carbonara didn't have

*Finally, their Dessert! It's not a saving grace actually. Most of their dessert were just normal. Only their Chocolate Panacotta and Blueberry Cheesecake stood out, while the rest is MEEH! *

  • Good thing we had a reservation because the place were packed after an hour. Twas my first time seeing that place really crowded. Everything is well organized despite of the crowd, low lighted to keep the classy vibe.
  • The one that served us all the way is very attentive. There's not even a time when we ask for their attention coz they will insistedly fill up our glass, get utensils and clean our table everytime. Though over all, their service was just average. I noticed their reception outside were bit "aligaga" because of the crowd.

I don't know what happened to HEAT, but i believe that they just lowered the food quality since it's a promo. 
I'll definitely back for their regular rate for the final judgement!

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