Catch up with High School Friends @ Momo Cafe!

by - May 03, 2013

Got a catch up with my high school barkada, and since they entrust  me the place of the resto, 
I suggested here at Momo since I saw good reviews with the place.
The place is a bit small. If my memory is right, it's around 9-12 tables inside. And since we're 8 at all, we don't have choice but to dine on their Al fresco. (which, we don't like since it's right beside the entrance of the mall)
You know how I am fond of taking photos with restaurant's picture. hahah. 

*Here's their menu*
So after looking at their menu, we've decided to order the first 3 items. Why? Because we're starving already. hahaha! 
They gave us a complimentary bread and spread. Twas a thumbs down. The bread were not fresh anymore. It seems it was seated on open area for so long. :( The spread is a grated cheese flavored with pimiento. So, with their FOOD, I can't say it's pricey since almost all of the dish are for sharing, and served with cob of corn/mashed potato/sidings So it's sulit!  We ordered the following:
Jasmine Rice (40 pesos) Their entrees doesn't come with rice, so you have to order one. Or, just ask them to replace your mashed potato with rice. :) 
 Slow Roasted Herb U.S Roast Beef Fingers (495 pesos) The highlight of the entire meal! The Roast beef fingers were huge plus it's soft and tender! smothered in their cream sauce is really a winner! Underneath is a mashed potato (you can replace it with rice if you want to). Recommendable! 
 Sweet and Smokey Hickory BBQ Rib-lets (250 pesos) The ribs are fall out of the bone. I liked the right sweetness and tanginess of the BBQ sauce, undearneath is the Mexican rice which I find OK since I'm not a fan.
 Country Fried Chicken (395 pesos) Basically it's like a Breaded Chicken served with Mashed Potato and Gravy. It was MEHH! We all found this ordinary, I've tasted better breaded chicken before. Served with Onion Rings which I didn't like. Their something wrong with their breading, and the onion seems rubbery? 
But overall, twas an filling meal! Still have to try their Pizza and Cookiedough Cake (which cost 250 per slice ) on my next visit! wuhhht? Oh well, nothing beats a good meal with a great company. Love them BIGTIME! 

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