BONO Artisanal Gelato @ SM Makati

by - May 21, 2013

Here it is! One of the most raved gelato store in the metro! As a sweet tooth foodie, 
I'm really curious AND a bit envy, (hahaha) seeing tons of review with BONO Artisanal Gelato.
  and since it's in SM Makati, it's really hard for me to try it. Finally, after 3 and half hours of traffic! Damn!
Here it goes, I ordered the Speculoos while boyfie ordered the Cereal and Milk!
(Credits to the owner of the picture)
For those who are unfamiliar with Speculoos, Speculoos is a popular Cookie Butter Spread from US. Popular enough that it's being compared with the well loved Nutella. What's so special with Speculoos? It's made up of Crushed Biscuits. And ofcourse, since it's from US, twas such a hype here in Philippines.
 Look at that pretty looking walls! 
 Since two scoops per order, we exchange after eating our part. Our verdict?
 The Speculoos (right side) was just OK. I'm not a fan of Speculoos. My taste buds disapproves it, I'm sorry. Chunks of cookie bits with cinnamon-is flavor, not a fan.  I find this too sweet, considering I love sweets.
 Cereals and Milk compare to the latter, I preferred this one. It's true that it's like a freshly drenched cereal on a bowl of milk, turned into a gellato.

 Overall, it's good. But not going back and travel for 3 and half hours for BONO, I'll just look for alternative. But the goodnews is, I've heard they will open a store in SM Megamall. Noys! :)

You can check their site @

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