A Perfect Place to Stay: Caffe Bene

by - May 07, 2013

How I really adore Caffe Bene's interior!  Honestly, their place is really nice. The interiors, the wooden design, chairs and their well lighted place,and high ceiling is fantastic! Nice place to study, and chitchat with friends.
 If you're looking for a perfect place where you can read your book, chit chat with your friends 
or simply browse your gadgets, then this place is right for you! 
 A two story and well ventilated place is a must visit (must visit talaga? ) when you're in Ewood! They also have free wifi that is sadly busted when we visited the place, but I heard their wifi is one of the fastest!  Make sure you'll stay at the second floor (on the photo). It seems that it's small but it's not. We're just on the other side of the area and i had a poor angle that's why it seems that it's small.  A wooden but classy interiors will surely make your stay worth while!

*They have lots of pastries to choose from!*

 And they have Gellato too!
 Here's their full menu
 Coffee and Blended Drinks.

Since we're on a group we tried different things. We ordered the following:
 Blueberry Cream Waffle - Was OK. Nothing special. Though I find it nice that their waffle has chunks of chocolate on it. The blueberry itself were a bit sour :(
 Mango Cheesecake - Forgettable. It's hard and really crumbly. I've tasted way better tasting Mango Cheesecake than this one.
 Strawberry Waffle - It's OK. Nothing special. Some of you know how I am very particular with whipped cream. I was amazed to see a mountain of whipped cream on it, but it's too dense for a whipped cream. 
 Caramel Banana Waffle -Same as the previous one, only differs with the toppings. I'd prefer this than the Strawberry. The syrup is pretty nice since the chocolate and the caramel blended well with each other.
 Choco Banana Honey Bread (on the photo) - Looks wonderful!!! But, it would end there. It's a prettier version of French Toast that made bigger, and since it's big, it's too dry as well. I got completely mesmerized by its look. It's a no-no! I should have listen to my friend that it's not good. Well, I'll just charge it for experience.
 Gellato- Blueberry at the Bottom and Cheesecake on top! I loved this! The right consistency and creaminess of the Gellato that I'm looking for.  -And I also appreciate the bits of cheesecake on it. 
 Make sure to order their White Mocha blended drink. I preffered their version that SB, CBTL, and Figarro. 
They have a distinct flavor that made my drink a lot creamier and yummier! 
Let's just skip the poor service that they have during my visit, plus the forgettable pretty looking pastries that tastes MEH! And go straight with their interior and coffee! Lots of love from my me and my friends! :D

You can check their website @

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