Surprising meal @ Karate Kid

by - April 03, 2013

I swear, I thought Karate Kid is expensive. Hahaha! I felt such a loser when I saw that they're like Tokyo Tokyo. 
What I had in my mind is like Teriyaki Boy.  

 So when I found out that it's like that, I was like :O  
Okay, so since I'm in adventure of trying out something new for the love of LooLoo, me and boyfie explored it. 

 The menu is really appetizing!  They have wifi, but it's busted! Urghh. I hate like that. Places that has wifi but it's not working when you entered the password. Toinks! Ano kaya yun? 
 The place is small but clean. I guess because they just open that time.
 Kani Sushi - 79 pesos for 6 pcs. It's good! We both loved it! Though I don't have basis of comparing it with others coz i'm actually not a fan. I'm just starting to like those foods! Late bloomer again here!
Beef Gyudon - For 99 pesos, surprisingly, it's good. Beef strips, mushrooms and egg yolk on top. 
The beef and mushrooms were really flavorful. Though the serving size of the meat were bit bitin. 
 Seafood Tepanyaki - Good for two person. It comes with unlimited rice and red tea for just 296 pesos. Not bad! We actually ordered this one because just by looking at the menu, it seems sooo good! But when they served it, me and boyfie look at each other saying "ayan na yun?" It looks good on the picture though. Hahahah! I find this bit salty considering I love salty foods. 
The seafood itself where itsi bitsy tiny. But flavor wise, it's still good! 
oh btw, their refillable iced tea is good! :)

You can visit their website @

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