Strawberry Filled Roll and Turtle Pie Tart @ Bakers Fresh

by - April 24, 2013

Yes! I told you guys, how I love Bakers Fresh! I craved the one that I used to have in Shang Plaza.  
 And then when I arrived, tadaaaah!! No Chocolate Filled Roll. 

 Pork Floss

 But! They have Strawberry Filled Roll which I love as usual. The cream in the middle were not so sweet just the way I liked it, and they generously filled the roll too!  And, what I love is the whole strawberry fruit at the end of the bread. That's really cool! I remember the Ice Cream i had during my childhood days! With the bubble gum at the end!
I suddently noticed the Turtle Pie tart at the side. I didn't know twas like that. I just bought it coz it looks so pretty! Hahaha!  Upon eating that in the office, wow! It's really good! The innards tasted close to Bizu's butterscotch macarons. Ohh heaven!  Though, the crust were too dry and falling apart everytime I'm eating it. It should've been 5 star if their crust is more stabilize. Maybe next taym!

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