Soy Garlic Chickens @ Chicken Charlie!

by - April 25, 2013

You might not believe this but this is my first time @ Chicken Charlie!
Their branch here is a bit small, but it's well lighted and clean. Free wifi and wash area is another plus, 
but they don't have CR which what I'm looking for at that time. 
Their Service is Average. Nothing to talk about but they served our foods fast. 
Value Meals
For groupie
Our table
6 pcs wings, Soy Garlic Flavor (175 pesos) The outer layer is crispy even for a long time. 
It's not oily which I liked but the meat inside were dry. Lacks some flavor at some point.
Fish and Chips (135 pesos) - Consist of fries and 3 pcs of fish fillet. How is it? So-so. The fish were tender and tasty. The fries however lacks of salt. Hahah. i didn't taste any after taste of the used-oil. Everything was OK.
2 pieces Charlie Chops (135 pesos) - This is boyfie's order and as usual, it tastes much better than mine! It's always like that ! The meat were soft and tasty, a bit oily which i think helps the meat to be more delicious! Hahaha! 
What I loved with Chicken is their to-go bags. Since we cannot consume everything, we asked them to wrap it. And look how neatly they wrapped our foods? :) For the Charlie Chops alone i can give this a 4/5 star, but over all i'm giving it a 3. Why? Because I expected that it has this sweet bon chon-ish taste (i'm not a bon chon fan though ). What i didn't know is that, their version has this garlic soy sauce flavor. Okay, my bad. I expected something, but it's my first time anyway.

You can check their website @

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