Soft Shell Crab Set @ Yabu

by - April 30, 2013

It's been a busy week for my parents, and I've decided to treat them somewhere, and since I'm craving for Yabu's Oyster, I've decided to bring them there especially my Dad is fan of seafoods and I thought of bringing him there. The nearest store is in SM Megamall.
 Here's the sauces (boyfie is holding the new wasabi dressing so it's not in the picture). For some reason, I don't want the sauces is SM Megamall compared to Robinsons Magnolia. The one in Rob Magnolia is thicker and creamier while the one in Megamall is watery which disappoints me a lot :(

We ordered the following:
 Wakame and Potato Salad - As expected, twas spectacular. My dad is very difficult to please, but this one captures my dad's attention and liked it! :)
 Kurobota Pork Set (575 pesos) - Boyfie ordered this one, the meat is tender and really soft like what it should supposed to be. But it's a bit oily as per boyfie, like what you can see in the picture.
 Menchi Katsu Set (350 pesos)- Mommy ordered the Menchi. She says it's delicious but preferred the Oyster from Dad's set. 
 Mixed Katsu Set 2 (545 pesos) - I'm watching my Daddy while he's eating the food if he likes it, and it's approved! He told me that the seafood were fresh and juicy. As well as the huge pieces in his set! :)

*So here's the main even*
I told you that I wanted to order the Oyster Set just like what I had before, the juicy and luscious Jumbo Oyster. But I told myself that I should order something new for a change, so I ordered their Soft Shell Crab Set (480 pesos). --BAD DECISION! 
 Okay as you can see, the shell were carefully removed from the Crab, and yes it's fascinating! But upon tasting the Crab, CRAP! It's tasteless! I thought that I should give it another bite to change my impression but upon eating the middle part, or any part of the Crab, it's really dry and really tastless. Unacceptable! I really got disappointed! I should have order their Oyster. I regret it bigtime! 
A close up to their oily, tastless Crab. SUPER FAIL! 

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