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by - April 03, 2013

I was amazed! As in like super! I didn't know that it's good! To tell you honestly, I am not a fan of Indian/Persian Foods, or the like with lots of spices. So if you're thinking if I'm eating curry? No.  Me and boyfie got a little adventurous and we challenged ourselves to eat at Mister Kabab.

 ``Now we're lost. We don't know what to order since I am not familiar with that cuisine. So we just based according to the picture in the menu. Bwahah! And we asked the server for their best seller too!
 I loved that the rice was served with butter. Haha! I know that it's really like that coz I saw that in 3 idiots movie, it's just that, it's my first time and I find it so nice.  
Beef Cello - Boyfie ordered this one. And men, it's good! I wanted to exchange my plate with him. Hahah! But, like the usual thing we do, we divide our foods for each other. Nwei, the meat we're tasty. No strong taste or something that I had in my mind. Soft and juicy everytime I took a bite!
 Shawarma Plate - I ordered this one. Half of the plate consist of the meat, while the other half were cucumber, 
onion and tomato. The taste? Just okay. I'm still looking for something. No ommph factor. 
``The sauce were boooo to me. Not the thing i expected. No garlicy taste. Twas like a white ranch salad dressing. 
Shrimp and Mushroom - A stir fried shrimp and mushroom with diced potatoes as extender. Taste wise, a winner. But the texture, it's a major fail. The shrimp were overcooked bigtime! Twas like eating "hi-be" (small shrimp that you can see in pansit)

- The place has this Indian vibe inside, the lights, ornaments, and yes, the smell too!  That's why boyfie asked me to stay outside coz the smell might stick to our clothes. 

- The service were good. They assisted to our table as soon as we arrived and gave our orders fast too! 

- I'm surprised that the price is cheap. Like 100+ per meal. Noys royt? 

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