One of a kind Toasted Siopao! :)

by - April 30, 2013

Here's something for a change.I got curious way back when I saw Toasted Siopao as me and boyfie passed by. So without hesitation, we purchase it. The place is a normal panaderya near your places. They sell different kinds of breads but their specialty is their Toasted Siopao. The place is really hot since they're actually baking the siopao in front of you.
 Behold! The price is really cheap. 8 pesos per piece! Ahhh huhh! Box of 12 (in the photo) costs 106 pesos only. When I first tasted the Toasted Siopao before, I was like "eto na yun?" Why? Two things: First, What I expected is that the Siopao that we're familiar made fancier by toasting it. But no, as you can see in the picture, it's like a pandesal without crumbs. Though the consistency of the bread is not like Pandesal, but it's close to that one. Don't expect that the bread is really like Siopao's. Second reason? when I first tasted the Toasted Siopao it's not Hot. It's like pre warmed on that time. 
So now, I bought a box of 12 and luckily, it's freshly made! Huraaay! Steaming right from the oven!  The taste is wonderful! Really moist, delish, hot, and the filling inside were generous. Even bits of eggs on it! It's not a "you blow me away"' food, but it's indeed One of a kind!

REMEMBER: Buy the freshly made! 

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