Jumbo Oyster and Kurobuta Pork Set @ Yabu

by - April 09, 2013

So after my nightmare incident with Yabu way back, that they wrapped my food like "kanin baboy", 
 I gave them another chance. We're the first customer that time, so it's understood that their service is good.
 ``that stylish Jap style
 ``And comics on the wall. Okay, so let's fast track to their foods.

 ``The ritual of sesame seeds grinding and putting the sauce.
 ``Their lemonade is boo! Tastes like cough medicine. 
 Kurobuta Pork Set - boyfie ordered this one. Like the Mechi he ordered before, as usual, the quality is good. The pork were tender and flavorful. I asked him which is better, he told me that he still preffered the Menchi than this. Well, ofcourse, cheese in the pork? Who wouldn't? But still, the Kurobuta did not disappoint.

 Jumbo Oyster- I did not regret any single thing of ordering this one. It's the bomb! Though if you'll look at it, the 4 pcs Oyster seem to be 'bitin' but  a big NO. Infact, I still had excess oyster after our meal. 
 The Oyster itself is really fresh and succulent in every bite. The flavors of the Oyster were bursting into my mouth. And I had this 'kilig' feeling while eating it.  And yes, it's that good! 
I truly appreciate the improvement of Yabu after our meal. And yes, they wrapped our excess foods properly with a separate container for the sauce. Good job Yabu. 

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