Surprising visit @ J Cuppacakes!

by - April 04, 2013

My heart melted upon seeing their store! I can't find exact words to say how I felt when I entered J. Cuppacakes. 

 Puking rainbows!  Though the place is small, The kiddie princess in me suddenly burst into tears! (Ay sobra na! Hahaha) 
 No but seriously, the place is really adorable! I came there around 7pm and the place is nicely lighted that brings out the prettiness of the place! 
 Pink colorful theme that elegantly designed with cups and saucers, cushions, lamps, and ohh!! the chandelier! 
It's gorgeous!
 Their service is Excellent. The lady (Nica if I'm not mistaken) were very courteous and polite. She explains their products very well and their best sellers. Hoping that all of the staffs all over are like that. 
 Their price is average for a cupcake. (60-70 pesos) But if you're gonna ask me, it's cheap because taste wise, it's good! 
 ``lamps are such a cutie too! :)
 ``Back of their counter
  I had a hard time deciding what cupcake to order. 
 They offer different kinds of cupcakes and unique cupcake that you wont see anywhere
 That's their Vanilla Cupcake with Basil (if I remember the name right). 

 So after a long time, I decided to order their Banoffee Cupcake, Rocky Road, Cookie Dough Cheesecake and Salted Caramel (one of their best seller). 
 ``I tasted their Banoffee Cupcake and Cookie Dough while the other two is for my neice and nephew as my pasalubong. The Banoffee Cupcake is good. Right sweetness and consistency. Though I find it bit runny already. Maybe it needs to be chilled more time, but nevertheless, I liked it! The crumbs as its base is good too! 
 ``Cookie Dough Cheesecake - I got so curious with this that's why I tried. And men! It's good! Don't expect that it's a soft cheesecake coz yeah, it's cheesecake cupcake. I like it so much because the texture of the cheesecake were smooth. The cookie dough in the middle is fascinating! With chunks of chocolate chips in every bite. Really nomnom! You should try this! 
 Crinkles- Yes, the famous crinkles that everybody is talking about. My opinion? IMHO, agree. The most delicious, chocolatey, and fudgiest crinkles i've had ever. Recommendable. 

``And yes, they personalize too! :)

You can check their facebook site @

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  1. Their oreo cheesecake cupcake is pretty good, too! My friend who loves cheesecake absolutely adored it :)

    1. Nice Dee! I'd better check that out! I recently tried their Salted Caramel and it's fantastic! I'll make sure to try that out on my next visit! Thank youuuu! :)


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