Gerry's Grill

by - April 04, 2013

Funny as it seems but, it's my first time to eat at Gerry's Grill last weekend. I know, stop laughing.  Hahahah!
I'm always eager to try their foods but there's really no chance, so last Saturday, I took the chance!

We had a hard time choosing what to order, so I've just asked for their bestsellers. We ordered the following:

 Crab Rice (195 pesos) - I was expecting for aligue rice, when I read Crab Rice, sorry my bad! But it's good! Strands of Crab meat in every spoonfulls!
 Gambas (245 pesos) - Disappointed with this one. Aside from the fact that the shrimps were overcooked, All i can taste is the spiciness flavor. Nothing more nothing less. I am expecting the one I had in Contis, which were sooo good! But it's kinda unique because it's my first time to eat gambas with egg? Will not order this again though.
 Pork Spareribs (245 pesos)- The outer part is tender and were glazed with barbecue sauce, but the inner part is a bit dry at some point.
 Inihaw na pusit (328 pesos)- This pull up the rating. I love this so much. The squid were perfectly cooked and drizzled with sweet sauce that made this dish superb! No wonder it says "this made us famous" on their menu. Really good!
 ``Hungry Bear's food :D

You can check their website @

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  1. Eating is really one of my hobby i mean part of my life. I love going to a place and at the same time taste their delicious and most wanted food.I want to taste something that is new to my palate.


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