Disappointed visit @ Tous les Jours

by - April 03, 2013

I felt I was cheated!!! 
Can you feel my "poot" in my post?  Actually, my friends wasn't able to taste Macarons yet, so what I planned is to give them a set of it. So you see, I'm so eager to look for a nice tasting macarons so they'll know that it's good, Like, first impression last?
``Cakes on their display
``Path thru the store
``Different breads
``Pretty Looking cakes on their display
``And more,
``And moooore!!
``Live action of cake making
I bought a pack of Tous Les Jours macarons elegantly wrapped in a hard plastic container. I asked the lady what is their best seller, she told me "Ay Wala Po." SRSLY? Ayan sagot mo ate? Since I wasn't able to give it to them for some reason, me and boyfie decided to eat it since my friends and I will see each other after holy week and the quality might not be good anymore so I told myself that I will just buy them a freshly made Macarons.
``mini tower macaron

So to cut the story short, upon opening the case, one face of the macarons dropped in the table. Really curious why It happened coz macarons should stick with each other because of the feeling inside. To my surprise, there's a super duper mega thin filing inside!!! Twas thin as a plastic. Not even a half of the Oreo or even Cream O filing! Look at the photo! Seems that they just brushed off the filing inside! I'm really disappointed coz what they have per piece which I bought yesterday were not like that, Even it is hard as rock, "atleast" it has filing. Kaya pala wala kayong best seller! I won't wonder why. They lied. They betrayed me. Now I am thinking of giving their pretty looking cake another try. :(

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  1. How was the tasting? Did you actually eat the macarons?


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