Cutest Milk Tea Ever @ COBO!

by - April 19, 2013

The cutest Tea House I've ever been! The place has doodle interiors all over. It's really cute!  

 See the picture? Yes! Their main character looks like Chicken Little. Haha! But! See those detail on the doodle! Effort! 
The place is really neat and such a cutie
 Not your usual tea selection
Chicken Chops (69 pesos)Their Chicken Chop is dry, overcooked and lacks of flavor! Needs major improvement on this one.
 Creamy Wintermelon (125 pesos + 10 pesos for Hanchew)- I got curious with this one. It's a blended wintermelon drink. I'm not sure if there is like that from other shops, but It's good! Like Serenitea's drink, it's smooth and mellow. I also asked for additional Plain Hanchew (twas like jelly and nata inbetween) 
 Red Lychee (75 pesos + 15 pesos for Popping Bubbles)- Boyfie ordered this one and additional popping bubbles and men! It's really refreshing! Perfect for this summer season! This one i will recommend especially if this weather kills you to death! Wonderful!
 Look how refreshing is this one! :)
 See? It's Chicken Little! hahaha!
 One of my fave character :))

It's a newbie Hole in a Wall Milk Tea shop that's why they have limited number of branches, but incase you bumped on their store, make sure you'll give this a shot. :)

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