Combo Meal @ Ristorante Bigoli

by - April 09, 2013

Me and boyfie strolled along SM Fairview to look for soemthing new. 
I don't know what happened but our feet suddenly brought us to Bigoli.  
 The place were normal. Nothing fancy. Just a normal italian set up. 
 Average. I was about to order at the waiter but he told me that I should go to the counter. Toinks! Okaaay. 
 We had a hard time on this. We don't know if were going to order their Combo or their Pizza plus Pasta, plus some more. So after deliberation (deliberation talaga? ) We settled for their Combo. Why? Pasta, Pizza, Chicken and Salad in one. Sulit!  Plus! Additional 35 pesos if we want to have unlimited drinks with all the juices and softdrinks they have. Cool! Just like the one in S&R. Unlimited drinks! Drinks, pa lang busog ka na! 
 This is the salad served with my meal. Normal taste of salad, though the greens were not crisp anymore
 And this one is for boyfie. A tomato based soup with bits of pasta on it. Boyfie doesn't like it since he's not fan of those foods, but I liked it for some reason. :)
 Their bread sticks as complimentary! Annnnnd! It's refillable! This one is so good! Not that ordinary dry cheese sticks offered around, this one is tasty with garlic-y goodness outside :)
 oh well, you know how I love taking pictures of the tissues. Hahaha! 
 My Plate: Compose of Italian Chicken, more like fried chicken with tomato based sauce with Italian seasoning and Spaghetti - Trying hard to be authentic. But it's still good. But not superb.
 So here's boyfies plate. Same as mine but the difference is their Stromboli.  A pizza rolled in bun shape. Surprisingly, it's good! I had fun eating this one! There's a melted cheese coming out as you bite it. It's not creamy but i still loved it! 

You can check their website @

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